A Sleeveless Dress & Tassel Earrings

A Sleeveless Dress & Tassel Earrings | Raine In The City

Tassel earrings are one of my favorite things right now, which is pretty crazy considering I’ve only had my ears pierced for around 6 months. I was late to the earring party, and now I’m making up for lost time! The earrings I’m wearing here are Jules B from Belk. They’re so eye-catching and fun! […]

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An Elephant Print Dress & An Embroidered Collar

An Elephant Print Dress & An Embroidered Collar | Raine In The City

Y’all, I have been waiting and waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to wear this elephant print dress! I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love Crown & Ivy brand at Belk. They somehow magically combine bright colors, preppiness, boho, Southern style and international inspirations to make some really darn cute […]

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Embroidered Top & Elephant Leggings

Embroidered Top & Elephant Leggings | Raine In The City

These elephant leggings are absolutely adorable, and they’ve already appeared on the blog once before paired with a zigzag sweater. Today, I’m playing up the boho-feel of these elephant leggings with the help of a top with a pretty embroidered collar; if it looks familiar, it’s probably because it appeared in my birthday style post […]

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Lunch Style at the Sun Dial

Lunch Style at the Sun Dial | Raine In The City

A weekend brunch at the Sun Dial in Atlanta is one of my favorite ways to feel really fancy without breaking the bank. The Sun Dial, located downtown, offers a revolving view of the Atlanta area from 72 stories up… and the food is delicious! Brunch and lunch is much more affordable than dinner, so […]

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Birthday in a Blue Skirt

Birthday in a Blue Skirt | Raine In The City

…and just like that, I’m 24! Since today is a super busy day and I’m going to be trapped inside at school and/or work all day, I thought that I’d share some of my favorite photos from a few weekends back as a birthday celebration. I can assure you that I look less put-together today, […]

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It’s a Wrap (Dress)!

It's a Wrap Dress | Raine In The City

Today I’m talking about wrap dresses, aka the perfect dresses for every type of weather. This cute wrap dress from Chadwick’s is super stylish and comfy, and it’s also long enough that wayward breezes won’t cause you any fashion faux-pas! I actually got this wrap dress two summers back when I was looking for cute outfits […]

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