An Ultraviolet Knit Dress & a Sparkly Hat

An Ultraviolet Jersey Knit Dress & A Sparkly Hat | Raine In The City

This ultraviolet knit dress is really magnificent. It’s from Old Navy, so of course it’s super soft and comfortable. The color, though, is my favorite part! I actually went back and looked at my order history to find out what this particular color was called, because I wasn’t sure how to describe it… bright blue-purple? […]

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A Sleeveless Dress & Tassel Earrings

A Sleeveless Dress & Tassel Earrings | Raine In The City

Tassel earrings are one of my favorite things right now, which is pretty crazy considering I’ve only had my ears pierced for around 6 months. I was late to the earring party, and now I’m making up for lost time! The earrings I’m wearing here are Jules B from Belk. They’re so eye-catching and fun! […]

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An Elephant Print Dress & An Embroidered Collar

An Elephant Print Dress & An Embroidered Collar | Raine In The City

Y’all, I have been waiting and waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to wear this elephant print dress! I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love Crown & Ivy brand at Belk. They somehow magically combine bright colors, preppiness, boho, Southern style and international inspirations to make some really darn cute […]

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Embroidered Top & Elephant Leggings

Embroidered Top & Elephant Leggings | Raine In The City

These elephant leggings are absolutely adorable, and they’ve already appeared on the blog once before paired with a zigzag sweater. Today, I’m playing up the boho-feel of these elephant leggings with the help of a top with a pretty embroidered collar; if it looks familiar, it’s probably because it appeared in my birthday style post […]

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Lunch Style at the Sun Dial

Lunch Style at the Sun Dial | Raine In The City

A weekend brunch at the Sun Dial in Atlanta is one of my favorite ways to feel really fancy without breaking the bank. The Sun Dial, located downtown, offers a revolving view of the Atlanta area from 72 stories up… and the food is delicious! Brunch and lunch is much more affordable than dinner, so […]

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Birthday in a Blue Skirt

Birthday in a Blue Skirt | Raine In The City

…and just like that, I’m 24! Since today is a super busy day and I’m going to be trapped inside at school and/or work all day, I thought that I’d share some of my favorite photos from a few weekends back as a birthday celebration. I can assure you that I look less put-together today, […]

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