A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings

A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings | Raine In The City

This black blouse and gold leaf earrings combo showed up on my Instagram several weeks back, and I’ve been meaning to write up a post about it ever since, because I really loved the way the pictures came out!

I’ve been a huge fan of the all-black or mostly-black ensemble forever (and it still reminds me of being in my high school theatre’s stage crew. Fortunately, in the years between high school and grad school, I’ve learned how to dress it up a little (although I’ll forever love my dark solid t-shirts and jeans). 😛

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A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings | Raine In The City

In my opinion, black and gold complement each other very nicely, which is why I decided to pair the elements of this black blouse and gold leaf earrings outfit together in the first place. To break up the solid-ness of the black and add a little fun, my pants have a tiny white dot pattern.

Sidenote: I love these pants. Old Navy seriously has some of the comfiest pants ever, and they also have tons of cute patterns. These tiny white polka dots are perfect because they add some pizzazz while still remaining subtle and professional.

A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings | Raine In The City

These gold earrings are new, and I really love how lightweight they are, despite the fact that they make a big statement! I was a little worried when I first got them that they might be heavy, but I wore them all day with no problems. (And you can get two pair for less than $10! Major steal). Keeping with the gold theme, my necklace is gold with rose quartz, adding just the tiniest pop of pink.

My purse is from Hynes Victory and it’s SUCH a good deal! It’s a really nice quality and it’s super roomy. I’ve started carrying it to school and work some days instead of carrying my backpack, because it’s big enough to fit my laptop! I tend to be wary of first-time online buys, but this purse has seriously impressed me, and it’s been through some heavy-duty use in the past few weeks without a scratch!

A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings | Raine In The City
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Get the Look

Blouse // Merona @ Target

Pants // Old Navy

Earrings // KISSPAT

Layered Necklace // KISSPAT

Handbag // Hynes Victory

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Honestly, I’m just super excited that I can wear my long pants and boots again without dying of heat! Are you happy about the cooler weather? Ready for fall styles? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



A Black Blouse & Gold Leaf Earrings | Raine In The City

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  1. I am so excited to wear boots again too! Right now, it’s cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon so the most I can do is wear booties. Can’t wait for the colder weather!

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