An Olive Striped Dress from Old Navy

An Olive Striped Dress from Old Navy | Raine In The City

When I first got this olive striped dress from Old Navy, I envisioned myself saving it to wear with leggings during the fall. To my surprise, it’s quickly become one of my summer staples! It’s insanely comfortable, and has a nice swing to it that keeps your legs cool during these crazy hot southern afternoons.

Speaking of crazy hot afternoons, is anyone else ready for some slightly cooler temps? As much as I love being out in the warm sunshine during the summer, it’s been way too humid and sticky lately for me!

Since it has been so hot, dresses like this olive striped dress have been taking over in my wardrobe department lately; a cool, lightweight dress is so much more pleasant to walk in than pants! This specific dress was sold out last time I looked, but you can find it in a different color here (and it’s on sale)!

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An Olive Striped Dress from Old Navy | Raine In The City

I was really surprised by how much I liked this shade of olive-green; I was afraid that it wasn’t a good “summery” color, but I’ve seen a ton of people wearing it lately! It’ll definitely be sliding into my fall wardrobe, as well.

An Olive Striped Dress from Old Navy | Raine In The City

In unrelated news, school starts back next week, and I’m totally mentally unprepared… this little break between the summer and fall semesters has been so nice! I ended up taking a sort-of-hiatus from blogging the past few months, and it actually felt really nice… and I’ve got a lot of new posts scheduled for the future. I hope you’ll drop by to check them out!

Happy weekend!



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