The Spacebuns Experiment – An Ode to Bobby Pins & Twin Buns

The Spacebuns Experiment | Raine In The City

I have always had a huge crush on twin buns, a.k.a “spacebuns.” I have really long hair, but I have to confess that I’m not great at figuring out what to do with it. Spacebuns (and any other cute updo) have always seemed super intimidating to me, despite the fact that I constantly save hair tutorials on Pinterest.

Bizarrely enough, before this Wednesday I didn’t own a single bobby pin (I know it’s weird). OR hairspray, guys. I didn’t own any hairspray at all. Anyways, now that I’m taking photos pretty often for the blog/Instagram, I’ve noticed that my hair is a little… boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair! But “down,” “ponytail,” and “low bun” are pretty much my only styles. So on Wednesday, I got some hairstyle supplies and set my mind on spacebuns.

The Spacebuns Experiment | Raine In The City

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Bobby pins are actually miraculous, I learned. I’ve tried to make high buns before with the hair accessories I already had (ponytail holders and clips) and they always flopped miserably. Bobby pins saved the day! These babies survived a whole day and a whole lot of dancing with no problems. A nice misting of hairspray helped! I really like this Garnier Fructis Style Volume hairspray; it helped keep flyaways down, but my hair felt just as soft as before (and it smells nice, too)!

The Spacebuns Experiment | Raine In The City

Outfit-wise, I’ve got this soft blue knit top with a lace hem. It’s kind of a crop top, but it’s also long enough that I feel super comfortable wearing it. Black leggings are kind of my favorite thing nowadays, since they fit well and go with basically everything. My necklace is tiny and hard to see in these pics, but it’s this adorable kissy-face emoji necklace from The Lucky Feather!

The Spacebuns Experiment | Raine In The City

Have you ever tried spacebuns? How did they turn out? If this post inspires you to make some, tag me in a pic on Instagram or Twitter! 



The Spacebuns Experiment | Raine In The City

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