A Colorful Afternoon at Noguchi Playscape

A Colorful Afternoon at Noguchi Playscape | Raine In The City

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the cute and colorful Noguchi Playscape. These fun and unusual sculptures make an excellent playground, as well as a really cute photo backdrop. It’s so cute, in fact, that I was determined to take photos there by myself on […]

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A Sequined Pocket & Plaid Sleeves

A Sequined Pocket & Plaid Sleeves | Raine In The City

If you like adding a little sparkle to your day without going full-out glittery, then a top with a sequined pocket is a pretty good way to go! Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s a smart way to add some jazz to your wardrobe without breaking the bank! (I’ve gathered some really affordable options […]

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Monogrammed Blanket Scarf

Monogrammed Blanket Scarf | Raine In The City

I have to confess, I am getting a late start on the blanket scarf trend. However, I got one for Christmas, and I converted to the blanket scarf crew so quickly! We’ve had a lot of chilly, windy days in Atlanta lately, and I’ve been wearing this monogrammed cutie everywhere. It’s really soft, cozy, and […]

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Blogger Holiday Card Swap

Blogger Holiday Card Swap | Raine In The City

Can you believe that it’s been over two weeks since Christmas?! I feel like the winter break just flew by! I managed to spend probably 50% of it in my pajamas, so I feel like it was a pretty successful holiday. Plus, I got to participate in two exchanges with other bloggers from all over […]

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Pattern Mixing in Downtown Thomasville

pattern mixing downtown thomasville

Today, let me take you to a thriving little community in Southwest Georgia: Downtown Thomasville. There are so many shops and restaurants in Downtown Thomasville, and they have tons of special events throughout the year! My mom and I recently spent the afternoon in Downtown Thomasville for a shopping/lunch date, and I decided to have […]

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Mieroglyphs Cuff Bracelet & A Pintuck Swing Dress

Raine In The City Mieroglyphs & Swing Dress

Today’s look is meant to evoke earth-tones and natural vibes, which is why I’m also featuring my Mieroglyphs cuff bracelet. Mieroglyphs is a creator of sustainable, hand-crafted, customizable accessories. I really love their style and ethical fashion production goals, and they have a ton of options on their site to choose from. Their cork cuff […]

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