New Glasses for A Style Update: A GlassesShop Review

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in first grade, so naturally I’ve developed a healthy love-hate relationship with all things glasses-related. Recently I’ve been alternating between two pairs – an ancient Covergirl frame I love with scratched up, out-of-date lenses, and a newer pair with perfect prescription lenses but an uncomfortable frame.

Now, I’ve added a third pair of eyeglasses to my collection (courtesy of, and I’m excited to share my first impressions with you!

new glasses winter glassesshop

Disclaimer: I received these glasses courtesy of in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

I wanted to try a pair of glasses frames that were a little out of my normal comfort zone; I love how wider frames look on some of my friends, so I decided to go with these Black Tortoise Reno Rectangle eyeglasses.

new glasses winter glassesshopHonestly, I was taking a leap of faith here, because I typically spend forever trying to find glasses frames that I actually like when I’m at my optometrist’s office. It doesn’t help that I (apparently) have a wide face, so frames that are too narrow are always an issue.

The eyeglasses that I received are extremely lightweight and comfortable, and they’re plenty wide enough for my face! I really like that I was able to view the dimensions of the glasses frames online before I placed my order. These particular frames don’t have nose pads; the frames rest directly on your nose. I honestly kind of like that, even though they slide down my nose some, because my other glasses always dig in and leave marks on my nose. Of course, since they are so lightweight, I’m curious to see if they hold up as well as my current metal frames. I’ll keep you all posted!new glasses winter glassesshop also sells prescription sunglasses, which I will definitely be checking out. I definitely need some prescription sunglasses in my life; when I went to Vegas recently, I ended up having to wear sunglasses over my regular glasses one day… not a trendy look!

These frames are also super affordable, which really appeals to my broke-student side. Check them out! You can also use the coupon code GSHOT50 for 50% off.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the big-frames look?




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  1. I need some new glasses in a bad way, but I am also broke. LOL! I love having a couple styles I can change out. If I have to wear them, they may be a cute accessory I can change out with my outfits. Unfortunately, I only have one pair right now. *boohoo*, but I’ll checkout the website!!

  2. New glasses are the best! I love switching them up every couple of years. But sometimes it’s annoying to trek all the way to the mall. Love that I can get them online! I gotta check out the shop next time!

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