Shades of Blue and Cinnamon

If you look into my closet, you’ll see all kinds of shades of blue, ranging from robin’s egg to navy to turquoise. Even though I tend to identify pink as my absolute favorite color, blue is definitely where I tend to gravitate when it comes to fashion.

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blue 1

That’s why, when I *finally* decided to splurge and buy myself a real handbag, I went with this Kate Spade bag in grace blue stripes. It’s super chic and roomy (and I got it during a great online sale, PLUS I got cash back using Ebates). It’s a splurge purchase that I’m extremely satisfied with, and I’m sure you’ll see me toting this striped cutie around for quite a while.

blue 2

While we’re on the subject of shades of blue, check out this outfit from one of our first cold days this fall! Skinny-cut navy khaki pants plus a soft blue-green sweater kept me feeling warm and snug. Both were from Old Navy, but you can find a similar sweater here. I decided that I needed a little something for a pop of color, so I added a light scarf, with tones of blue, grey, and pink. I received this scarf as a gift and I’m unfortunately not sure where it’s from, but here is one from TJ Maxx that I think has a similar vibe (and it’s under $10).

blue 3

I’m just starting to learn more about makeup (thanks, Sephora!), but I still only wear eyeliner and lipstick most days. This Sinful Cinnamon shade from Buxom is a recent purchase, and I really love it. It’s subtle, goes well with my skin tone, and is a nice shade for fall. It’s a matte gel lipstick, and it stains really well; if I put it on in the morning, I’m good for the day. As a bonus, it feels super light and moisturizing! The whole Buxom Big & Sexy Bold Gel line looks fantastic, and since it’s so affordable, I imagine I’ll be trying out other shades in the future.

blue 4

What shade dominates your wardrobe (or your makeup bag)? Leave a comment and let me know!


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