Floral Jeans on the Atlanta Beltline

I’m really glad that florals are *in* this fall, because I love floral everything, including these floral jeans! It was bright and sunny this week, so I threw on a sunny flowery Old Navy top and headed out to the Beltline.

I love the Piedmont Park-area stretch of the Beltline, and I am so incredibly thankful that I live so close by. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the free time to go explore, so it was really cool to see all of the new art (alongside some old favorites)! 

My flair for florals is clearly on display in this look, as is my devotion to Old Navy! I wear these denim jeans all the time. This top is perfect for a fun day outside in the sun, with flowy half-sleeves to keep things cool and breezy. I’m also wearing my favorite booties in the world, which are also Old Navy. Admittedly, they probably weren’t the best choice for traipsing down gravel paths in the pseudo-wilderness, but they’re totally worth it! 

We stopped in Piedmont Park for a Four 65 iced coffee (large!) from Blue Donkey before we made the trek home. It’s my favorite coffee spot in Atlanta, and makes for a perfect cheap outdoor date, especially on pretty fall weekends when the weather is nice and breezy!

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